Executive Outcomes: Lasers pew pew pew in 2017 and beyond

As you all know, Executive Outcomes has gone through some big changes in Eve Online in the last years. We used to be part of the super-serious business club, but most of us have burned out on that kind of stuff and right now even though there are still plenty of people playing, we’ve been spreading out over different alliances and play styles. We are still all hanging out together socially though, both online in eve, in other games or simply on discord, and even in real life (If you haven’t signed up for the Mainz meeting in august yet, you should still do so! There will be a post on this site about it again soon).

However, our old forums software still comes from a time where eve was such a serious business that we needed fully automated security and very granular access. This makes things extremely uncomfortable right now because people keep losing access as they move around in eve or move on to other games, and there is no good way to update the terrible old code that runs the eve api based forums process. So it’s very much time to move on to something much simpler: our new site here allows you to sign up/log in with your discord account, no api’s of any games or any other complications needed. And signing up to our discord is as easy as clicking a single link. If you haven’t done this already, you can find the sign up link as a sticky in pretty much all of the old forums as well as in an alliance mail in eve.