August 25th: the Mainz meeting is coming close!

It’s not to late to decide that you want to join us! From August 25th to 28th we are having our next EXE meeting. We’ve spontaneously decided to do a repeat performance of Mainz because Elfaen realized he was addicted to German wine and food and wants to experience it one more time before brexit!

Here’s the forum post I made a while ago:


Expect great sunny weather, a great wine festival in a nice park at the edge of city center, a nice welcoming city that is big enough to offer lots of things to do but small enough that you can reach everything in the center by walking, and long nights on the river banks drinking too much wine. Oh, also cart racing and laser tag!

The “official” date will be Friday 25th to Monday 28th, but you can arrive Saturday or leave Sunday too if that works better for you. Personally I will be there from Friday to Monday, but i live reasonably close by so I can meet up earlier, too.

Hotels are very busy this year, so I will provide three links but give a few tips: if the hotel shows sold out on, that does not mean that it is truly sold out. Other sites might still have rooms, but more importantly, if you book through the hotel directly, there are probably still some rooms. All the hotels that I am going to list are in easy walking distance from each other so we can easily meet up every day.

I am in this hotel:
It’s an old established hotel that was once more upper price and has dropped a lot, but is clean and friendly, and was being renovated last I was there. Very nice location on the river.

The B&B Hotel behind the main trainstation:
It’s the cheapest of the bunch, probably fully booked on, but check out their own page to see if there is still room. Very modern, clean, functional. Located on the back side of the train station, so there is not much of a view, but that’s why it’S cheap.

These two are situated on the front side of the train station, across the big pedestrian area, so the nicer side. Both are clean and friendly.

Now, I have linked because you can search for hotels in Mainz on our dates on there and have it display them to you on a map. You will notice that all four I posted are basically on along one major axis from the train station to the river front. There are probably 10 more hotels that if you check the map are within easy walking distance (1-2km) which you can also chose from. You really can’t make a mistake here as long as you stay around the city center, we will just meet up somewhere in town anyway and everyone has these newfangled “smartphones” so really there is no reason to be scared.

If you look at hotels and want my input as to how close it is to the rest of them, just grab me on discord! (Or slack, or here)
Please also post once you have booked!

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