We are now part of Synergy Alliance!

If you have logged into Neverwinter in the last 12 hours, you might have noticed that we are now part of an Synergy Alliance. What does this mean for you?

First and foremost, more people for you to play with. As you can see on the screenshot, there’s 3470 characters to play with between the 13 guilds of our alliance. You can enable alliance chat in the chat settings (the cogwheel on your chat windows) for any of the tabs you want and start chatting. Should help with finding that last missing cleric or tank for the epic dungeon you want to run or to get bigger trials like tiamats etc. going.

That’s not all though. We can now visit each other’s strongholds, too! This offers a ton of new possibilities: we can do cross-guild stronghold events, taking part in joint dragonflight or stronghold marauder events, which means it will be easier to kill multiple dragons or complete more stages of the marauders encounter. Not just that, you can also use the stronghold shops and services. All available strongholds show up on the regular travel map next to our stronghold! For example, the Synergy stronghold (our helm guild) has pretty much all the things unlocked, so you can go hogwild and spend all those guild marks that you haven’t been able to spend on anything useful so far!

It is also possible to donate resources to other guild’s coffers. However this means they count towards their projects, not ours! So right now, considering we are the smallest and newest member of the alliance, we are already seeing a whole bunch of donations in our coffer in those categories that the other guilds already filled up. So, if we ever are so lucky that we end up having more resources than we can donate to our own coffer for our next project, we can return the favour. For now though just make sure that you don’t accidentally change the coffer in the new mimic interface away from the default (ours) setting unless you really understand what you are doing and really want to 😉

Last but not least: there is an “alliance” discord (it’s the discord of the helm guild) that we are encouraged to register on and can get roles on. Icy made a sticky on our discord about it!