Start a new EVE career!

As you all know, some of us have lost the desire to play EVE a while ago. For different reasons. For me, it was the dull, repeating gameplay we did back then, plus a few more private things.
Like some other dudes from EXE i recently got an Email from CCP „hey come back, we want you to play again“ that was very convincing to try the game again. After i did empire pve, joined a german (omg, they so terrible) alliance, i found out that a bunch of old EXE farts are doing the exciting stuff, i always wanted to do, but never had the time, because of ingame responsabilities. (reaction farm, being part of the CFC, herding you and so on)
Joining the corp Effluvium., my new EVE-live begins. Oh all the fun, activities, good stuff i have missed: Tears, more and more, even saltier tears! Oh and good people: Khanid, Elfaen, Formosus plus one or two dudes i have to learn to know yet.
What we do (so far, more later):
Empire wardecs and pipe camping, Jita 4-4 undock kills, ceptor roams, citadel reprocessing with guns.

To: Elfaen Ethenwe,
I shit and piss on your familly’s graves you fuck. hope your mom dies right now from a stroke or something. I pray to god you retarded fug. no go fuck your dead retarded mom that made you retarded fuk. i’m goinig right now to light the candles praying for your mommy. GO FUCK YOUR MOM NOW

Also, we had good laughs, while Pandemic Horde piled on us, after we killed a Rattlesnake and a VNI with a handful of interceptors, losing 2 of them.

Currently we are looking for targets, opportunities to gank/kill/harrass people and sip on more tears.
What we plan to do has almost no limit, but it needs to be as cruel as possible to the victim.
This includes: Blops ganks on Jumpfreighters, pipe camping in warzones to pick off stragglers, more empire wars, piling out of wormholes in far away ratting systems more blopses on people, not ust bomber ganks. Drop actual black op ships. We even want to the risky, bling-fleet stuff, where we commit valuable ships to achieve more with fewer people.

Now, here is the point why i am writing this:
We want YOU!
Old buddies are the best. I can tell you after 2 or 3 days with Elf and Khanid, we already „click“ together pretty good, because we still know each other well. No FCs, just everyone flying together, we are not noobs after all.
Basically a small family, we want to get as big as maybe 10-15 real life people. This number lets us be a close group and be mobile to go where we want to go. No more logistics or waiting for the new ship. Go to Jita, buy it, kill a few, lose it, rinse and repeat. No strat-ops, no sov-defense, no PAP links, no API keys, no registering on a thousand services. Just log on, kill and laugh, hang out and actually PLAY Eve for once as a fun game.

If you want to join us and have to leave EXE for it. Go ahead and join us, if Mo ever decides to fire up EXE again, we can just go back.

Join the EXE Discord and ask Elfaen or me for an invite and we’ll sort you out.