War Update!

Currently we live in Lonetrek and we have 11 Empire wars open.

Today we greet our new members, Coco Chanel and Calidus UK. You remember them? Want to fly with them again? Join us!

Calidus joined us and 5 minutes later he was sitting in a dps ship, shooting a Raitaru from a guy who was screaming in local, to not shoot it, it is all the money he has and while we ransom him, we find out he was in Cataclysm Enterprise in 2014. Definately Ev0ke here. Even more random fun!


We have taken on a contract to defend a structure in highsec against a sizeable mercenary force, compareale to our own, but more experienced  and a little larger than we are. We are going anyways to outsmart them on their own battlegrounds. The event is on the calendar. If you want to turn up to this, be there in time, let us know and we will get you into a ship and on field. (permitted they make a mistake and use their logistics)


Mistakes…we decced a corp to kill their Raitaru only to find out a day later that the structure isn’t in the system anymore. We couldn’t explain to our selfs what happened here and asked a GM. I am not allwoed to quote, but he gave us the hint to look into another system 😀  Still a good learning curve ahead of us. Many fun and laughters.


I’ll keep you updated on our shenannigans. Read it here first.

I have to go, we are roaming, killing ratters in ‘ceptors 😀

Quick info here: we killed about a billion worth of ships, 3 VNis, 1 Ishtar, a Gila and 2 Iterons.