Feed the Mimic!

The next few weeks will be mimic weeks in Neverwinter. Our alliance will take turns in helping each guild achieve their next guild upgrade faster by donating whatever is needed most to their coffers. As we are the newest, lowest level member guild, we have the privilege to be the first to receive donations 🙂


  • The first event week will last from maintenance day (yesterday) to the next maintenance day (next thursday).
  • Donations will be tracked by account (@handle), all your characters can be used.
  • Each week, the top three donors will receive prices at the end of the week.
  • Vouchers that drop from enchanted lockboxes do not count, because we don’t want people to buy their way to the prizes.
  • Influence and surplus equipment are the donation categories that are being counted for this competition.
  • The list of prizes will be published soon (TM)

So get donating!