Dave goes solo

Just a little update on what happened to your favourite EVE group. Effluvium is still a thing and if you ever consider doing highsec wars with a bunch of very comptent people, go for it! Effluvium joined the alliance Gnomeland Security a while ago and their ultimate goal is to destroy all the other mercenary alliances, because blue donut in null? It is even worse in highsec!

Sadly my work schedule and my very (add a few verys here) relaxed playstyle does not match them anymore. So we had to part ways and i am in my own little EVE corporation, doing whtever i feel like. That includes highsec wars and killing structures ofc. I think i can enjoy it for a little longer and maybe, eventually i will join some old friends and play with them. You never know what you find when you are on a journey. At least there are no limits anymore and a single, dedicated person can be very annoying 😀