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I’ll keep you updated on my EVE ventures!

After being solo or a while, i thought it was time to get back into the real game o EVE and join an alliance again. Since EXE is almost dead and i don’t have the will/power to revive it, i had to find another suiting (haha) group of players.

So far i enjoyed the highsec war thing, Elf and Khanid showed me. Nothing to worry about more than losing the ship i am in. No hotdrops (ok i admit that hotdropping has always been a fun game or me). Anyways, i found the perfect match for my habits, being free and casual when it comes to playing times.

Naturally i join our old friends in Dark/Wrecking Machine.

Too bad, it is a mostly UK/EU based alliance with just a small Us TZ, and my work is usually EU prime. What can i do? Trying my hands on fcing again and making my own content. So far i have done quiet a bunch of fleets in US tz and people start to show up 😀


Oh what does Wrecking Machine do? http://www.wreckingmachine.net/ read here!