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Dave – News

I’ll keep you updated on my EVE ventures! After being solo or a while, i thought it was time to get back into the real game o EVE and join an alliance again. Since EXE is almost dead and i don’t have the will/power to revive it, i had to find another suiting (haha) group

Dave goes solo

Just a little update on what happened to your favourite EVE group. Effluvium is still a thing and if you ever consider doing highsec wars with a bunch of very comptent people, go for it! Effluvium joined the alliance Gnomeland Security a while ago and their ultimate goal is to destroy all the other mercenary

War Update!

Currently we live in Lonetrek and we have 11 Empire wars open. Today we greet our new members, Coco Chanel and Calidus UK. You remember them? Want to fly with them again? Join us! Calidus joined us and 5 minutes later he was sitting in a dps ship, shooting a Raitaru from a guy who

Start a new EVE career!

As you all know, some of us have lost the desire to play EVE a while ago. For different reasons. For me, it was the dull, repeating gameplay we did back then, plus a few more private things. Like some other dudes from EXE i recently got an Email from CCP „hey come back, we