Neverwinter Recruitment

Executive Outcomes Mercenary Company part of Synergy Alliance.

EXE is a mature, english speaking EU/US guild. We have been playing all sorts of games together for the past 10+ years. A group of us has been playing Neverwinter for over two years and are recruiting!

We run group content as much as we can and are on Discord voice comms almost all the time. This can vary from end game dungeon guild runs to helping leveling to stronghold grinding. The alliance we are part of is mainly EU/US with plenty of activity. There are regular alliance events which may also involve prizes…

Being able use Discord is a plus and an even bigger plus is being able to actively use voice. We are a varied bunch but all share English as our common language.

If you would like to join or just have a chat with us then you can try one of the following:

Join us on Discord:
Join our in game public channel: EXE
PM: @icy#2472 or @nimaerd or @jarden#2326


Last Updated April 25, 2019 at 4:04 pm