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Feed the Mimic!

The next few weeks will be mimic weeks in Neverwinter. Our alliance will take turns in helping each guild achieve their next guild upgrade faster by donating whatever is needed most to their coffers. As we are the newest, lowest level member guild, we have the privilege to be the first to receive donations 🙂

Stronghold Update

Our last two stronghold upgrades have been building the stables and upgrading them to rank 2, which provides our first boon structure. You can activate the boon in your character sheet by going to the stronghold boon category. We’ve also upgraded our market, so you can buy stronghold gear now.  

We are now part of Synergy Alliance!

If you have logged into Neverwinter in the last 12 hours, you might have noticed that we are now part of an Synergy Alliance. What does this mean for you? First and foremost, more people for you to play with. As you can see on the screenshot, there’s 3470 characters to play with between the